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Ciberboss49crackgratis [UPD]

Ciberboss49crackgratis [UPD]

Ciberboss49crackgratis [UPD]

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That is why I'm always telling you to read the fine manual. Try this, carefully:
for f in *; do md5sum "$f" > "$f.tmp"; mv "$f.tmp" "$f"; done

You might notice that this approach is actually very similar to the original code that I posted, but it is only for demonstration purposes. The real problem is that your code has a couple of bugs in it, so I will not get into a debugging session because it would be too time consuming.
So, I think, your best shot is using a shell loop. However, because I hate repeating myself, I'm posting the same helpful link to "read the manual".

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A judge on Monday handed down an enhanced prison sentence for disgraced former New York City cop turned accused sex trafficker John D'Amato, who has been convicted on more than 1,000 counts stemming from a sex ring that came to light through an FBI sting.

D'Amato, 61, who once worked for more than 20 years as a Staten Island cop, will serve a sentence of up to 25 years behind bars after his co-defendant, 62-year-old retired transit worker John Gotti Jr., was handed a similar sentence Monday for serving as the ringleader.

Judge Arthur Cooperman called the case "a cycle of greed and depravity."

"The real tragedy of what happened here is that someone died as a result of the defendant's conduct," Cooperman said. "Over the course of a period of years, the defendant's conduct led to the death of a woman."

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D'Amato's attorney, William Schwartz, had argued the former cop's relationship with 19-year-old sex worker Theresa "Tessie" Fusaro was consensual.

"The relationships in this case did not involve some of the types of things you get in a stranger that kind of meets on Craigslist," Schwartz said after the sentence. "These relationships were completely domestic."

The two defendants in October faced each other in court for the third time in the case, after prosecutors accused Gotti of

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